Sunday, September 2, 2012


Sooo .. do you ever go on pinterest and think " Oh thats cool I can and want to do that!" and then you make it and it looks nothing like the picture?!? ahaha or is it just me? I saw these really cool mustache pillow cases, yes the ever so popular mustache. I dont know how to sew but my dads an upholsterer and he helped me ( I did everything else thank you very much). If you want to make them its very easy!
Mustache Pillow Case
1) Just pic a fabric for the mustache part.
2) Pick a fabric for the pillow case OR buy a pack. 
3) Once you cut it out just sew it on and then sew the pillow shut. If you got a pack I'm not sure how to sew it on with a machine unless you cut open the pillow case and then sew back up!
   Another awesome thing I made was my last name banner with cut out letters from cut out pages of a book. I think I got this idea from some application I had on my phone. Its very easy to make and it looks great, you can make one for Christmas or a welcome banner or happy birthday banner! Sky's the limit!! 
   Last but not least, I have a very small room and I like things to A) look cute or B) make sense! For a long time I could not make my necklaces look cute and I did not want them on a table because my kids pull everything down so I put them in side of a frame with a couple of nails on the wall!! You can do it in the bathroon or bedroom and it will look cute! AANNNDDD thats enough for me, hope you all have a wonderful weekend and happy Monday!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Castle time!!

Im the worst blogger, this I am aware of. Its been a very long time, I am sorry BUT to make up for it I have these awesome pictures of a "castle" we went to for vacation!!!! We explored all these really cool rooms with caved in walls, and old heaters! It was just dandy except for one thing... it was in Berkeley next to UC Berkeley ... friday night.. COLLEGE parties all over. I seriously must have heard the sirens from the police all night along with screaming youth even from my "castle" room on the 6th floor. It was as if they were little vampires because as soon as the sun came out they went in! Either way it was a lovely time and I would do it all over again! Im not good at listing my outfits so I'll just say Shoes- Target, Dress- online blogger shop, necklace ( heart in measurement tape)-  Pink Zone.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Im only frugal in the right departments, you know what I mean?! I found this great toy chest / bench on line for 20 bucks!!! I painted it and then it got all messed up so it gave it the perfect distressed look. The cute little pillow I found at a local shop for 2 dollars!!! Holllllar haha just kidding... but really... dont you just love great finds when you are penny pinching?! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

The City

This weekend we went to San Francisco. We don't live that far but we hardly go. We hit up some thrifty stores and I got some cool brown leather boots. It was a fresh day in the city so I got to pile on the clothes again =D Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Cold California Summer

It was a warm day followed by a breezy night! It was cardigan worthy! This is the cardigan I found thrift shopping, over sized = check, cozy= check, 5 bucks= check!! By no means am I a "fashionista" or anything like that but I do love playing dress up!! I kind of look like a pile of clothes but its oh so cozy!!! Hope you all have cozy summer nights ! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Discover ..more work!


I love to do crafts with my daughter even though she is still very little and sometimes I feel like she is just making a mess! I think its important for her to always remember growing up and doing productive and creative things (with me). I know as mothers we can get really really tired but I promise when you give that extra push to do something FUN( of course it involves more work for you mom) it will be worth it. I took the kids to the discovery museum and it was a BUNCH of work for me but we got really cool crafts done and we also had lots of fun! Here is a craft we did and its very easy with things most people already have! The first two pictures show her making the craft and then i hung it on the door. 

Things you need  
  1. Coffee filters
  2. Food coloring 
  3. White crayon ( not necessary ) 
Here is what you do 
  1. Put the coffee filter on a tray or plate , make sure its flat.
  2. Water down the food coloring and put it in containers that can let the liquid out slowly preferably drop by drop.
  3. If you want a design or a name add it with the white crayon. Color it on the filter, you wont be able to see it till its dry. 
  4. Start adding the food coloring drops make a design or just let your little one squish it all over the filter.
  5. Once you are done let dry and thats it! You can easily add a magnet on the back or what not to make it decoration. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Goodwill ..Hunting.

Even though most of my outfit is not from goodwill, I got some really good finds this saturday.. Besides an old man screaming at me for no good reason, it was a great weekend! I found a Banana Republic oversized cardigan for FIVE bucks :0 !! Not that I care about the brand at all but I know some thrift store will amp the price for that very reason. I also found this sweet old lady over sized sweater I have on in these pics here.. It goes well with everything! You can put it on with jeans, a dress, skirt, sandals, boots! By the way you can just ignore my strange smile =D Hope you all have a great week... FYI for journal purposes I will jot down that my son took his first step today! YAY!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Park Fun

I went out the other day with my family and I took it as an opportunity to dress up! As a stay at home mom, walking out the door means " hurry get dressed up!" well semi dressed at least!! I feel like I have lazy outfit days way mucho... no bueno...
I have these junky flip flops from F21 super cheap but I like them... pants from F21 of course cheap.. this awesome shirt was thrifted but its originally from target and these awesome vintage inspired glasses are from a local little shop! It was a hot day but with this super simple summer outfit I felt great! Yay!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

2 days 2 parties

Agghhh Im tired =)I had back to back parties, both were very amazing and creative!  The first party was a baking birthday party, the little girls got to decorate the ready made cup cakes on their own and make bakers hats out of cupcake wrappers and buttons ( how ever did I manage to snap a pic of the finish product.. of course not! sorry..)! Oh ya and did I mention that each girl got her very own made apron!!! Just Stop!! Can it really get any cuter?! I mean besides puppies and dolphins ? The second party was for my fiend Tiff it was a Breakfast at Tiffanies theme a long with Tiffany&Co. The cup cakes were of course amazing ( the looked like they had little jewelry lockets and pearls) they had jazz musicians come and play along with pearls on the tables... goodness it was cute! We adults all got to play dress up, and it was very much needed ! Since my job consist of staying home I dont dress up much.. maybe I should .. even if Im just impressing my 2 year old... anyways I love to go out and get ready .. doesnt everyone? Hope you all have a great Sunday! 
                               xoxoxox LL

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Ya'll !

I hope everyone reading this had a fantastic day! We had a BBQ to go to.. and I wanted to dress up but then again not really because well its memorial relaxing BBQ day. So this is what I have on.. one of them BF shirts from H&M.. and leggings from Target and shoes you cant see from Target haha.. and I could never go with out my blush! Its from Mary Kay I realllllllly <3 it!! And seriously, thank God for all the people who are willing to fight for our freedom, and to the Moms who have sacrificed so much with children in the army! ...
I am craving coffee yummmmm

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Birthday Decor Hunting!

Hello!!! So Im throwing a birthday party soon and its themed " Vintage Map..ish" so kind of like maps and globes and traveling vintage theme. The main reason is beeeecause my sons name is Silas and Silas was a missionary with Paul, they were imprisoned together for sharing the gospel! Missionaries travel so thats really were the idea came about! These are a couple of the things I got for the part.. Ill try and post pictures of the party as well ! I got these both for under 10 bucks.. my goal is to decorate it my self with finds and try not to spend loads ( but make it look awesome) welll guys..  Enjoy your sunday!!!! <3 LL!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

CupCake Pizza

EVERYONE loves pizza even the turtles love pizza! so i stumbled upon this idea ! 

1. I bought Trader J's ready made dough
2. I separated the dough in to 6 pieces ( thats what martha stewart suggested and it worked great!)
3. We covered the 6 dough "balls" with flour so they would not be so sticky, spread them in the cup cake mold and stuffed away! 
4. Pre-heat the oven to 450 and bake for 15 minutes! And thats it! 
You cant go wrong with this for dinner, everyone can pick what they like and make it their own way!!
 here is the link to martha stewart , if you want to make them her way! Enjoy 
                                                                     the little lamb