Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Ya'll !

I hope everyone reading this had a fantastic day! We had a BBQ to go to.. and I wanted to dress up but then again not really because well its memorial relaxing BBQ day. So this is what I have on.. one of them BF shirts from H&M.. and leggings from Target and shoes you cant see from Target haha.. and I could never go with out my blush! Its from Mary Kay I realllllllly <3 it!! And seriously, thank God for all the people who are willing to fight for our freedom, and to the Moms who have sacrificed so much with children in the army! ...
I am craving coffee yummmmm


  1. " i wanted to dress up but then again not really" lol Story of my life but i never end up listening to my not really instinct and i am always overdressed.. and that my friend is why my nights are always akward.. lol yup i'm THAT girl with the Red lip stick and heels at the table next to you in the Dennys at 10 in the morning.. lol :D

    1. HAHAHAH!! thats awesome ! i wanted to go to fresh and easy in these super TALL shoes and i was like " hmm do i really want to be the "teenager " with two kids and those shoes at the grocery store.... so i did not bet next time i will in honor of you! ;)