Saturday, June 2, 2012

2 days 2 parties

Agghhh Im tired =)I had back to back parties, both were very amazing and creative!  The first party was a baking birthday party, the little girls got to decorate the ready made cup cakes on their own and make bakers hats out of cupcake wrappers and buttons ( how ever did I manage to snap a pic of the finish product.. of course not! sorry..)! Oh ya and did I mention that each girl got her very own made apron!!! Just Stop!! Can it really get any cuter?! I mean besides puppies and dolphins ? The second party was for my fiend Tiff it was a Breakfast at Tiffanies theme a long with Tiffany&Co. The cup cakes were of course amazing ( the looked like they had little jewelry lockets and pearls) they had jazz musicians come and play along with pearls on the tables... goodness it was cute! We adults all got to play dress up, and it was very much needed ! Since my job consist of staying home I dont dress up much.. maybe I should .. even if Im just impressing my 2 year old... anyways I love to go out and get ready .. doesnt everyone? Hope you all have a great Sunday! 
                               xoxoxox LL