Sunday, September 2, 2012


Sooo .. do you ever go on pinterest and think " Oh thats cool I can and want to do that!" and then you make it and it looks nothing like the picture?!? ahaha or is it just me? I saw these really cool mustache pillow cases, yes the ever so popular mustache. I dont know how to sew but my dads an upholsterer and he helped me ( I did everything else thank you very much). If you want to make them its very easy!
Mustache Pillow Case
1) Just pic a fabric for the mustache part.
2) Pick a fabric for the pillow case OR buy a pack. 
3) Once you cut it out just sew it on and then sew the pillow shut. If you got a pack I'm not sure how to sew it on with a machine unless you cut open the pillow case and then sew back up!
   Another awesome thing I made was my last name banner with cut out letters from cut out pages of a book. I think I got this idea from some application I had on my phone. Its very easy to make and it looks great, you can make one for Christmas or a welcome banner or happy birthday banner! Sky's the limit!! 
   Last but not least, I have a very small room and I like things to A) look cute or B) make sense! For a long time I could not make my necklaces look cute and I did not want them on a table because my kids pull everything down so I put them in side of a frame with a couple of nails on the wall!! You can do it in the bathroon or bedroom and it will look cute! AANNNDDD thats enough for me, hope you all have a wonderful weekend and happy Monday!!!