Sunday, May 27, 2012

Birthday Decor Hunting!

Hello!!! So Im throwing a birthday party soon and its themed " Vintage Map..ish" so kind of like maps and globes and traveling vintage theme. The main reason is beeeecause my sons name is Silas and Silas was a missionary with Paul, they were imprisoned together for sharing the gospel! Missionaries travel so thats really were the idea came about! These are a couple of the things I got for the part.. Ill try and post pictures of the party as well ! I got these both for under 10 bucks.. my goal is to decorate it my self with finds and try not to spend loads ( but make it look awesome) welll guys..  Enjoy your sunday!!!! <3 LL!


  1. this is so awesome friend!!! i especially love the cam!!!! :) its gonna be an awesome party ! and i love the meaning behind your sons name!

  2. I love those things! Where did you get them from?

    1. Hi Diana! I got the globe a thrift store and the camera on graigs list! both under ten dollars! I love a great deal ! ;)