Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Discover ..more work!


I love to do crafts with my daughter even though she is still very little and sometimes I feel like she is just making a mess! I think its important for her to always remember growing up and doing productive and creative things (with me). I know as mothers we can get really really tired but I promise when you give that extra push to do something FUN( of course it involves more work for you mom) it will be worth it. I took the kids to the discovery museum and it was a BUNCH of work for me but we got really cool crafts done and we also had lots of fun! Here is a craft we did and its very easy with things most people already have! The first two pictures show her making the craft and then i hung it on the door. 

Things you need  
  1. Coffee filters
  2. Food coloring 
  3. White crayon ( not necessary ) 
Here is what you do 
  1. Put the coffee filter on a tray or plate , make sure its flat.
  2. Water down the food coloring and put it in containers that can let the liquid out slowly preferably drop by drop.
  3. If you want a design or a name add it with the white crayon. Color it on the filter, you wont be able to see it till its dry. 
  4. Start adding the food coloring drops make a design or just let your little one squish it all over the filter.
  5. Once you are done let dry and thats it! You can easily add a magnet on the back or what not to make it decoration. 


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